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Membership at Maui Country Club

The Maui Country Club looks to its members to help carry on the spirit and traditions that make the Club a special place for all. An important way members do this is by inviting friends who share their values and interests to join the Club. Maui Country Club: Tee off with beautiful vistas of the West Maui Mountains

Our members are diverse in age, ethnic and economic backgrounds. The bonds that bring us together are an appreciation of sports and sportsmanship; the desire to meet and share good times with friends in a setting that is uniquely Hawaii; and the need to preserve a place where our children will be safe and family members of all ages can be part of the fun.

Membership Benefits and Rates

Maui Country Club is a non-profit 501(c)7 social club and as such offers affordability and a dedicated focus on enhancing our members’ experience.

The Refundable Equity Membership (REM) is the exclusive offering for new members which introduces unprecedented value in country club benefits:

  • Refundability. The entrance fee is 65% refundable should circumstances call for the resignation of your membership.
  • Transferability. The membership may be transferred to your heir without an additional entrance fee (monthly dues apply).
  • Financing. The entrance fee of $6,000 is due with your membership application. Financing for 50% of the entrance fee is available.
  • Inclusive Associate Memberships. We are a family oriented club – there is no additional cost for your spouse/partner and dependent children.
  • Guest Membership. An international network of reciprocal country clubs will welcome you as their guest when you travel.
  • No Minimum Spending Requirements. Enjoy worry-free dining and entertainment at the Club.


Membership dues are tiered to accommodate club usage:

Membership Category             Monthly Dues       Capital Dues  










Junior (Age 21-34)






Neighbor Island Resident


  • Regular, Non-Resident, Junior & Neighbor Island Resident memberships include unlimited complimentary golf, tennis and pool privileges.

  • Regular and Tennis Members have the exclusive right to vote and hold office.

  • Tennis Members have unlimited complimentary tennis play and preferred pricing for lessons & clinics. Use of the the fitness center and swimming pool is unlimited and complimentary. Tennis Members may play golf according to the current guest rate and limitations policy.

  • Non-Resident privileges extend for six months (non-continuous) each calendar year.

  • Social Members have unlimited complimentary use of the fitness center and swimming pool. Use of the golf course and tennis courts is dictated by current guest rates and limits.

  • Neighbor Island Members reside in the state of Hawaii on an island other than Maui.

  • All memberships - regardless of class - include Capital Dues. This amount is specifically set aside for future capital improvement projects.


60 Day Membership Experience
Experience Maui Country Club benefits with the option to join as a formal member at the end of a 60 day trial period. This limited time offer is available for details.


The amount of the refund is 65% of the current entrance fee at the time of resignation. The refund will be made within 30 days after the resigned membership is reissued to a new applicant.


At any time, a member may resign from the club and transfer membership to an adult child or grandchild. The REM automatically transfers to the surviving spouse of a deceased member and there is no additional entrance fee.

If the deceased member is not survived by a spouse, then the heir has the right to acquire the deceased member’s membership and there is no additional entrance fee.

A membership application must be filed within 90 days after the death of the member, and is subject to the existing approval process. All unpaid dues, entrance fees, charges and assessments are payable.

A member may not transfer or sell his or her membership to any person or entity.

Application Requirements

  • A candidate for membership requires two sponsors who are current, eligible Club members.
  • To sponsor an individual for membership, a sponsoring member must be a member in good standing.
  • The sponsor must be well acquainted with the candidate.


The admissions process serves the members and the Club by ensuring thoughtful and courteous consideration of all membership candidates.
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For more information or to schedule a tour, email our Membership Manager or call (808) 877-7893.